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About Us

Serving Locations Inviting Culinary Education 325, or SLICE 325, was founded in 2017 as a socially responsible initiative that provides culinary education classes to individuals and families – but we don’t just teach people about cooking.

Our Mission

Slice 325 aims to educate on food diversity affordably and creatively, intertwining healthy eating with broader concerns like social equity and environmental sustainability.

Our Vision

At SLICE 325, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy quality meals. That’s why we provide our pillar five-week culinary education class, Creative Sustainability, to low-income individuals and families at no cost.

Why SLICE 325?

Our participants are resourceful and creative. At SLICE 325, we want to help them maximize those unique attributes and the limited resources they have in order to create healthy, affordable, and delicious meals.

Through our educational instruction classes, individuals and families are able to learn valuable skills and techniques that aim to reduce the financial stress of preparing healthy meals while allowing them to explore the diversity of food.