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Want to support SLICE 325?


Sponsor Creative Sustainability cohort

$50 pays for one person to participate in our five-week program

Consider giving today to cover a cohort of eight (8) or more people to participate in the program. (As a reminder, this program is free for participants.)

Become a corporate sponsor

Would your company or employer be interested in becoming a corporate sponsor? Contact Shemecka McNeil at shemecka@slice325.org to support SLICE 325 through a business or corporation.

Employer Gift Matching

Does your employer offer gift matching for volunteer hours or monetary donations? Add SLICE 325 as your preferred nonprofit (EIN: 37-1847680) and contact us for our official banking information or mailing address!

Want to give a different amount? Just type in your donation amount on our giving page. All donations are welcome!


As a part of our outreach and community partnership efforts, there are a number of ways for you to volunteer with SLICE 325:

  • Host a food or equipment drive
  • Join our board of directors
    • Please contact shemecka@slice325.org detailing your interests, skill set, and passion for serving the community.
  • Serve meals to individuals and families in need through our community partners (more information available upon request)
  • Provide professional in-kind services (we currently have a need for Resource Development/Fundraising, Board Development, Marketing, Partnership Facilitation)


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